FFS, why is Wonder Woman posed like THIS in her latest poster?

After nearly a century of playing second fiddle to the boys, Wonder Woman will get her own film franchise in the summer of 2017. As one of the most iconic women in pop culture, this is kind of a big deal. Big enough that Diana (Gal Gadot) got a huge new poster at the 2016 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. ComingSoon was on hand to snap a shot of our latest look at Wonder Woman (along with dozens of other movie posters you should click over and see).

But did Diana really need to be in this classic pose?

Are…are you serious right now? For years, the “butt-and-boobs” pose has been the scourge of character posters everywhere, despite a concentrated effort to bring attention to how ridiculous it is. The spine-breaking pose is even more pronounced in comics, leading to the fantastic blog Escher Girls cataloging the most egregious offenders.

I thought we were making progress when Black Widow finally got to face the camera after the first Avengers film. But it”s always two steps forward, one step back*. The pose Gadot is holding in the above poster is also an extreme version of “butt-and-boobs” typically reserved for drawn characters that don”t have pesky things like spines. Not only is Wonder Woman facing away from the camera, but her entire chest is visible, instead of just a hint of side boob. If you think that isn”t a big deal, try to replicate it in a mirror – complete with her arm positioning – and listen to your spine cry out in anguish.

*The video series is returning soon!

Something nice. They didn”t photoshop Gadot”s waist down to Barbie proportions at least.

Wonder Woman makes her debut on June 2, 2017.