Lauren Graham can’t choose between her TV daughters; can you?

I didn't attend this year's ATX Television Festival in Austin, despite having a great time the year before, mainly because I have too much travel scheduled for this year (and maybe also because I ate enough brisket for two years at the previous one). There were a lot of events and panels I wish I could have been there for, including a TV critic team-up with Fienberg, Tim Goodman, Todd VanDerWerff, and Tara Ariano. But the one I most wanted to be there for was the “Gilmore Girls” reunion, which featured Amy Sherman-Palladino and virtually every surviving castmember saved Melissa McCarthy, who's a bit busy promoting “Spy” at the moment. Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel were of course there, and Graham brought along her other TV daughter, Mae Whitman from “Parenthood,” which led to this priceless photo:


Graham clearly can't choose between the two. Can you? I'm Team Amber, because there's nothing Whitman can't do on screen, but you may prefer the happier and more banter-y vibe of Graham and Bledel. Vote and comment below.

UPDATE: The story gets a happy ending! (But you can still vote!)