Lauren Graham to play a female late-night talk show host in an Ellen-produced NBC comedy

Lauren Graham to play a female late-night talk show host in an Ellen-produced NBC comedy
Ellen DeGeneres and the “Parenthood” star are collaborating on the project, titled “Kate on Later,” about a woman who breaks the late-night glass ceiling. Graham will also co-write “Kate on Later,” the 2nd collaboration between her and Ellen. Last year, they developed a series based on Graham”s debut novel “Someday, Someday, Maybe” for CW, which ultimately passed on the project.

It”s official: Kathy Griffin to host “Fashion Police” – with Brad Goreski
Griffin will replace Joan Rivers when “Fashion Police” returns Jan. 12 for its Golden Globes coverage. She”ll be joined by celebrity stylist Goreski, who replaces George Kotsiopoulos.

January Jones and Kristen Schaal join Will Forte”s Fox comedy “Last Man on Earth”
Details of who they”ll play weren”t released, but “Mad Men's” Jones will be portraying a character named Melissa and “30 Rock's” Schaal will play Carol Pilbasian.

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ABC: Rosie O”Donnell is not leaving “The View”
The network responded to a TMZ report that Rosie”s days may be numbered, saying: “This is yet another in a long line of fabricated stories. Reports of Rosie leaving are false.”

Benedict Cumberbatch has no plans to leave “Sherlock”
“If we can keep the quality up,” he tells Vogue, “I can”t imagine that I will ever get tired of being Sherlock. I”d love to play him as an old man.”

“Walking Dead” star: “I was very upset”
Emily Kinney reacts to last night”s episode. PLUS: Why the midseason finale was tragic.

Jennifer Morrison defends all the curses on “Once Upon a Time”
Says the actress: “I see the curses and spells and all the crises that come our way-the snow monsters and witches and all those things-as representative of the things that come our way that are hard in life: illness, death, exams, fights with loved ones, breakups. All those things are, in real life, what would be a curse or spell in Storybrooke.

Starz drama series to chronicle the birth of jazz in New Orleans
“Storyville” will be set at the turn of the 20th century, “where prostitution was decriminalized and an exceedingly vibrant, hedonistic, celebratory subculture emerged and fueled the birth of jazz.”

“Revenge” and “Resurrection” hit series lows
Both ABC dramas had a tough night on Sunday.

Alyson Hannigan is lending her voice to “Sofia the First”
Check out the former “How I Met Your Mother” star in her new Disney Channel role.

ABC News” David Muir will begin doing a 1-minute Facebook newscast
The “Facecast: The One Thing” will be posted every weekday afternoon, starting today.

“The Simpsons” predicted Russia”s current economic downturn in 1999
A 15-year-old clip shows, according to Vox, “the extent to which things have not fundamentally changed in Russia.”

Was that another “Godfather” reference on “The Newsroom”?
As the NY Times notes, “that was quite a metaphorical moment” at the end of last night”s episode. PLUS: How would the NY Times report last night”s episode?

Read the original “Friends” pilot script
“Friends Like Us” featured “Rachel Robbins” and a cynical Monica.

Starz teases “Outlander”s” return
The 2nd half of Season 1 kicks off April 9.

“The Late Shift” author Bill Carter is leaving the New York Times
Carter, whose 1994 book on the Leno-Letterman battle became an HBO movie, is taking a buyout after 25 years reporting on television for the NY Times. Carter, who focused on the Leno-Conan battle in his 2011 book “The War for Late night,” says he's contracted to write yet another book on late-night TV.