‘The Legend Of Wonder Woman,’ One Of DC’s Best Series, Has Been Canceled

Legend Of Wonder Woman has been one of DC’s better digital series. The series follows Diana as she learns to fight and, against her mother’s wishes, leaves Themiscyra and finds the joys and frustrations of Man’s World. Spearheaded by writer and artist Renae De Liz (Womanthology, The Last Unicorn) with help from Ray Dillon, it’s been an excellent retelling of Wonder Woman’s origin, sticking to the time period the character was originally introduced. It was also getting a sequel, but, apparently, that’s now off the board.

It was announced on Twitter by De Liz last night, and it appears the cancellation was rather abrupt, coming roughly halfway through completion of the new issues:

The timing was particularly poor as it turns out De Liz recently got the happy news that her fourth child is on the way. Currently, the rumor mill has it that the cancellation is due to some tweets issued by Dillon. DC has yet to offer any official statement, but we’ll update if they do.

De Liz and Dillon are currently working out how to get through the holidays. If you’d like to help, they have a GoFundMe and, of course, you can pick up De Liz’s work at your local comics shop or on Comixology.

(via Twitter)