‘Legion’ Raises The Stakes In Its Second Season Full Trailer

Legion, Noah Hawley’s trippy take on the X-Men, has been teasing us for a while as the Shadow King (Aubrey Plaza) prods us to remember that after all, it’s all in our heads, you can trust the supervillain turned psychic parasite. And now we have a full trailer, with monks, unlikely alliances, and even more unlikely dance numbers.

The trailer picks up with David (Dan Stevens) waking up in a field, which we quickly learn is more likely to be a psychic space than it is an actual field. It turns out he’s been gone for a year, and in the meantime, the rebel mutants hiding in the woods have teamed up with shadowy government organization Division III. Turns out the Shadow King has become a virus, starting with host Oliver (Jemaine Clement), and is spreading from person to person. David is the only one who can stop him and save the world.

Or is he saving the world? The trailer, if you pay attention, drops a hint or two that once again, it’s not clear how much of this is happening in David’s mind and how much is real, and also that David, having spent his entire life being fed on by the Shadow King and then abducted by a tiny UFO, isn’t the most reliable narrator. And if it isn’t happening in his mind, can somebody as powerful as David exist in the world without putting it at risk? We’ll find out April 3rd.

(via FX)