So, What Was Going On In The Last Shot Of The ‘Legion’ Season Finale?

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03.30.17 11 Comments

Legion wrapped last night with a great episode, but it was the very end that threw everyone for a loop. What the heck just happened?! Let’s throw out a few theories, based on the comics and the show, to figure it out.

As a reminder, at the end, David was abducted by something that resembles a steampunk Poké Ball, complete with the ability to catch ’em all, as it sucks David inside itself and slowly floats away. Even for a show about psychic parasites and the astral plane it was a jolt. So who’s behind it?

A World Government?

It’s not precisely clear just who Division Three, in the series, actually works for, but it’s safe to assume they have some governmental ties. But that doesn’t rule out another government deciding David’s too much of a risk and attempting to contain him. Melanie informs the Division that David is a walking weapon of mass destruction, after all, and that would presumably start alarm bells ringing not just in the U.S. government, but likely around the world. Although, that said, if they’d mastered the kind of technology that lets them send little drones to abduct people, why’d they bother waiting so long? And, if they were so worried, and they could get the drop on David, why not kill him?

The Shi’ar Empire?

In the comics, Professor X becomes embroiled in the struggle for the throne of the Shi’ar Empire, an alien race of purple people with mohawks, thanks to falling in love with their exiled queen. They could toy with David’s past by making him a lost alien prince, because, hey, his life isn’t weird enough. Giving a little weight to this theory is that while Legion‘s time period is uncertain, the technology we’ve seen is relatively down to earth, and anything more out-there, like the talking coffee-maker, tends to be a patchwork experiment. Floating people-grabbers are, it’s safe to assume, not commonplace, so this might well be alien tech.

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