Aubrey Plaza Breaks The Fourth Wall With This Trippy Promo For ‘Legion’ Season Two

Legion returns to FX on April 3rd, but only in your head if you listen to Aubrey Plaza in this trippy, mind-bending promo for season two. Instead of attempting to convince you to watch the show, Plaza — or better yet, Lenny/The Shadow King — is informing you that the show is entirely in your head. You’re delusional and none of what you saw really happened. They’re still in the mental hospital and she’s here to help. She’s just being really menacing about it all.

There will reportedly be a time jump when Legion returns, leaving us a little disconnected with where the show actually is and giving it the chance to be kooky with its story choices. Season one ended up being one of the more fun shows on television, likely due to the influence of Noah Hawley, but the trippy visuals and Plaza’s performance really helped seal the show as worth your time in the era of Peak TV.

With David trapped in some orb, Lenny and the possessed Oliver Bird on the road to cause mischief and more trouble for David and his mutant pals. There could also be a Charles Xavier appearance at some point, which would be very interesting considering the future of the X-Men film series with Fox and Disney.

(Via Twitter)