Lenny Kravitz lets out Cinna’s inner-Lenny Kravitz in ‘Catching Fire’ clothes

SAN DIEGO – If you see Lenny Kravitz, you can’t help but to want to talk about his suave fashion and style. The singer and actor opened up about his costumes for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” as he returns to the role of Cinna. And it sounds like Cinna is a lot more like Lenny Kravitz, as far as the “look” goes.

“The clothing this time was more in line with how I dress,” he told HitFix during Comic-Con. “I felt like I was wearing my own things throughout the film.”

Check out what else the rocker had to say about the sequel, on costume designer Trish Summerville’s “beautiful things.”

“Catching Fire” heads to theaters on Nov. 22.

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