Leslie Bibb, Amy Smart and Ryan Kwanten fight the supernatural in ‘7500’

Leslie Bibb, Amy Smart and Ryan Kwanten are set to co-star in the super thriller “7500” for CBS Films.

The film centers on a airplane trip to Japan that is besieged by what appears to be a supernatural force (so, not snakes). Kwanten and Smart will play a married couple, who board Flight 7500 with two longtime friends. Bibb will play a stewardess involved in a secret relationship.

Takashi Shimizu (“The Grudge”) is directing from a script by “Lost” writer Craig Rosenberg.

Bibb, usually a comic actress, starred opposite Will Ferrell in “Talladega Nights” and alongside Kevin James in “The Zookeeper.” Kwanten can be seen on “True Blood.” Smart is a fixture in the “Crank” movies and will soon be seen in “Reunion.”