Leslie Mann, Dakota Johnson, and the trouble with celebrity interviews

Over the last several years we've seen more and more “junket interviews gone bad” go viral. The most recent addition to the list came to us via the junket for How to be Single, during which Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson had a bit of fun with a male reporter.

You can take a look in the video below.

Several outlets reposted the interview and framed it as a play on gender roles in Hollywood; which raises a few of questions: A) If that is indeed what they were doing, was it effective or sexism (reverse or direct)? B) WAS that the actresses' intent? Or were they simply having a bit of fun at a junket? Should the outlets have confirmed their intent before they ran with an interpretation? And finally, C) What is it about junkets that continues to inspire videos such as this one?

On this Girls on Film, Alicia Malone, Roth Cornet, and Miri Jedeikin discuss the recent interview that spread across the internet and what it reveals about a system that may just not work anymore. 

Take a look in the player above and the full show below where we chat about the line between a compliment and an uncomfortable sexual advance in the online comment community and more!

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