Watch: Lil Wayne and Big Sean take over the neighborhood in ‘My Homies Still’ video

Lil Wayne and Big Sean have moved into a neighborhood straight out of topsy-turvy world for Weezy”s video for “My Homies Still”: A pink elephant, literally, roams the streets, disembodied mannequins take over otherwise well-groomed lawns, and men”s heads get transplanted onto dog”s bodies and vice versa. Did we mention the dancing panda and boa-clad skeletons?

As images of smoking skull heads and folks making out with mannequins weave in and out with Lil Wayne skateboarding and he and Big Sean dancing on the ceiling, the clip is one of Lil Wayne”s trippiest. And that”s before we”ve even gotten to the banquet where Big Sean and Lil Wayne are on the menu.

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The lyrics are utterly pointless and all about X-rated body parts,  cocaine, and name-dropping Slick Rick and Eazy E,  but they are totally secondary to the incredibly insinuating and catchy rhythm that makes you want to jump up and down and lose yourself as you shout, “Go stupid!”

“My Homies Still,” which is No. 27 this week on Billboard”s R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart, is the first single from Lil Wayne”s “I Am Not A Human Being ll.”  There”s no release date for the set, the successor to 2010″s “I Am Not A Human Being.” However, Lil Wayne told MTV last month that the album is finished.