Lindsay Lohan looks crazy hot in poster for ‘Liz & Dick’

09.19.12 6 years ago

While Lindsay Lohan will probably always be a blonde (or, to go way back, a redhead) to most of us, judging from her poster for the Lifetime movie ‘Liz & Dick’ (currently set for November), Lohan pulls off jet black very, very well. Not only does she smolder in the new poster, it seems the role of Elizabeth Taylor was one she was meant to play. Just look at the text next to her.

It’s not a bad ploy to remind us that Taylor wasn’t just the chick who sold “White Diamonds” and was palsy with Michael Jackson. In her youth, she was a child star, a paparazzi magnet, and the center of plenty of scandals of her own. We hope this was the role Lohan was meant to play, because it certainly reads like it.

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