Listen: Ben Wheatley discusses ‘Sightseers’ in Cannes edition of the podcast

You’ve got not one but two episodes of the podcast due to you, and so you’ll get one today and one tomorrow.

This first one was recorded not long after I walked in the door from the Cannes Film Festival this year, and one of the last films I saw there was Mark Wheatley’s “Sightseers.”  Wheatley was the director of “Kill List,” which many critics embraced, and which helped cement my opinion of Wheatley as a fascinating director who is willing to take big creative risks as he builds his films.  His new one is a comedy, something I wouldn’t have expected from “Down Terrace” or “Kill List,” and he has a great feel for the material.

I sat down with Wheatley about two hours after I saw the film, and we had a great, quick conversation about his work and where he’s headed.  That interview is included here, and in addition, we chat about a whole bunch of trailers that were released while I was away.  Which ones convince Scott to go to the theater and which ones look like home video rentals?  Even I am surprised by his answers on a fairly consistent basis.

We didn’t have time for any call-in movie games this episode, but I think we’re going to address that by doing an all-games edition of the podcast in the very near future.  I look forward to interacting with you again soon.

Especially you, Dylan.

In the meantime, enjoy this one.  Tomorrow, I’ll post our next episode, which features an interview with James Gunn about his new videogame, “Lollipop Chainsaw,” and we’ll be recording yet another episode for you in the next few days.

“Sightseers” was purchased by IFC for US release, but has no date yet.