Listen: Christina Aguilera’s new single, ‘Not Myself Tonight’

03.30.10 8 years ago

Welcome back Christina.

After teasing us with the artwork from her new single, “Not Myself Tonight,” Christina Aguilera shows us the goods with the music. In keeping with the album”s title, “Bionic,” the track is steeped in sterile, electronic beats. It’s her first single from the fairly tepid “Keeps Getting Better” from her greatest hits set.

If Aguilera feels the hot breath of Lady GaGa down her neck, she doesn”t show it here. Instead of creating a song that takes on LG, who has risen to stardom while Aguilera has been on hiatus, Aguilera”s opening salvo is part Britney Spears” “Womanizer” or “Three”  and part Donna Summer”s “Love to Love You, Baby.” It”s soft porn with a hard, brittle, cold, techno heart delivered by someone who can sing rings around both Spears and GaGa.
As Aguilera sings, “I”m kissing the boys and the girls,” I found myself wondering when did it become practically mandatory that female pop singers flirt with bi-sexuality? Was the tipping point Katy Perry”s “I Kissed a Girl?” Whether it”s Perry, Spears, Lady GaGa or Aguilera, they all seems to have gotten the memo that even if they are aggressively hetero in their private life, they better play up the possibility of girl –on-girl action.
“Not Myself Tonight” is a set up track. It”s out there to get excitement going about Aguilera and “Bionic,” her first album since 2006’s “Back to Basics,”  and to start the chatter. But our hunch is we”ll get a much better idea about the tone of the album with the next single that will have more steak. This is all sizzle.  

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