Listen: CulturePop No. 28: Steve Silverman, Miley, ‘Sleepy Hollow’

I think Melinda and I are both agreed that, as much as we love all of our guests, Steve Silverman has a special place in our hearts. So yes, he’s back for a record third time to talk about his Web series “The Inn”‘s third season (debuts Monday, people! Do not miss!), the fall TV season, his new favorite show, his impending nuptials and twerking. It makes total sense, I promise. Here’s the rundown:

:30 Steve insults us and we love him anyway
1:30 We discuss the whole Miley and Sinead mess
3:45 Melinda waxes poetic about Rihanna’s stripper dance.
5:15 Frankie & Annette twerking comes up. Yes, it does.
10:45 I mention that “The Real Housewives” want to sing, too, and that’s the problem.
12:50 Steve excuses the Disney kids, which is very kind of him.
13:35 We all hated “Super Fun Night.”
18:40 Demi Moore’s daughter comes up.
19:15 Steve loved “The Goldbergs.”
21:35 I loved “Brooklyn 9-9.”
22:30 We discuss “The Blacklist” and Melinda gives it a thumbs sideways.
24:35 Steve and I agree — it’s all about “Sleepy Hollow”
26:35 Time to discuss “The Inn”! Check it out at
30:15 Steve says there may be another season of “Pretty”!
31:35 “The Crazy Ones” comes up.
32:00 So does “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”
32:35 I liked “Gravity,” so don’t yell, but the hype is insane.
35:30 Steve says the 3-D version of “The Wizard of Oz” is awesome.
37:50 Again, people, take the time and watch “The Inn”!