Listen: David Arquette joins the podcast to discuss Dewey’s return to ‘Scream 4’

As long as I’ve been working online, there have been “Scream” movies to cover.

I remember the frenzy around “Scream 2,” the desperate rush to figure out what Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson were doing with the movie, the fake scripts that were leaked to the Internet.  And from the start of our conversation, it’s apparent that David Arquette remembers those days as well.

It’s been a long time since that happened, though, and in the time since, both the Internet and David Arquette have changed quite a bit.

It’s a weird podcast this week.  Scott and I digressed a bit as we were running down this weak in home video, and we spent almost a full hour on the first part of the podcast.  I tried to torture him with this week’s round of Movie God, but I failed completely because the more we talked, the clearer it became to both of us:  we are not Wes Craven fans.

We’ll get into it in the episode, but it’s one of those things I hate bringing up because Craven’s got such a major reputation in the world of horror, and in person, he’s a pretty great guy.  Smart, charming, with a wealth of interests, he’s one of those guys who is always impressive in conversation, and yet, looking at his career as a whole, I have trouble wrapping my head around how he built that reputation.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you’ll hear this week:

00:00 – 10:00 / Introduction

10:00 – 24:45 / Movie God

24:45 – 55:00 / This Week in Home Video

55:00 – 1:12:00 / David Arquette interview

1:12:00 – 1:25:54 / “Scream” conversation and wrap-up

And if you missed it, my review of “Scream 4” is right here.

We’ll be back with another new podcast next week.  “Scream 4” opens everywhere this Friday.