Listen: Drake’s new single, ‘Over’

03.06.10 9 years ago 4 Comments

Awwww, what happened Drake?  Did you miss your nap?

An extremely cranky Drake spews about how difficult fame is in “Over,” his new single: “I know way too many people here that I didn”t know last year/Who the fuck are y”all?,” he sings in the first stanza. The song opens with a string-led flourish, but goes nowhere fast lyrically, despite a very compelling beat.

Yeah, yeah, we get it, Drake. Fame”s a bitch. Women who wouldn”t give you a second look otherwise are falling all over you. We can see where you wouldn”t want that.  You”re traveling all over the world like a rock star. Total drag that… we get it.

Maybe with Lil Wayne, his protégé, headed off to jail,  there”s no one to keep a check on Drake, but this is not the message you put out before anyone really knows your name.  In some circles, the rapper is already huge because of the superior “Best I Ever Had,” but he”s hardly reached critical mass and may we remind him that he has yet to even release a full album yet? (“Over” is the first single from the modestly named “Thank Me Later.” )

Anyway, after bitching for awhile, he starts bragging about how “no one”s done it like I did it” and he”s made every skeptic a believer and he has the “shit that makes the bitches go insane.” Drake has considerable talent, but this is a bit much, even by typical rapper braggadocio standards. We’d like to see how Jada Pinkett feels about being called a bitch. And just a warning, in case it bothers you, he drops the N word.

Drake declares that he will be performing “until it”s over/but it”s far from over” and that he has no right to complain, but we have every right to complain about this song. Drake, if you”re really that tired of hanging out with folks you don”t know and all the trappings of fame, just keep putting out singles like this. Your little problem will take care of itself. And if you’re just having a bad day, we’re sorry, but keep it to yourself.

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