Listen: Drake’s newly leaked ‘Shut It Down’ featuring The-Dream

03.22.10 9 years ago

Do you remember at the end of the movie “Old School,” during the wedding reception sequence and The Dan Band is playing and the singer manages to slip in the f-word into classy jams like “Total Eclipse of the Heart?” Drake’s leaked single with The-Dream, “Shut It Down,” is kind of like that.

The Canadian singer-rapper and The-Dream manage to get F, F-ing, mother-F-ing and sh*t into the deepest f-ing love song you’ve ever heard in your life. He pulled the same thing with his mega-hit “Best I Ever Had,” but at least that could squeeze out a decent radio edit.

As far as bedroom jams go, the beat is tops, with producers Omen and Noah “40” Shebib, but lyrically, it’s flaccid. “Put those f***ing heels on and work it, girl / let that mirror show you what you doing / put that f***ing dress on and work it kinda vicious / like somebody taking pictures, shut it down.” Oh, and “Yes indeed.”

Drake told Billboard last year that the song was about “empowering women”; meanwhile, I’d be quasi-offended at the heels bit and the cheapness in the language of foreplay if I wasn’t laughing so hard.

This apparently isn’t the final mix of “Shut It Down,” but likely little else will be done with it before it’s included on Drake’s “Thank Me Later,” due in May. He heads out on tour in April.

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