Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 169

Happy Wednesday, Boys & Girls!
I was out of the country on Monday and traveling back yesterday, so it’s time for a delayed mid-week installment of The Firewall & Iceberg podcast. 
[As Sepinwall warns, there won’t be a podcast next week. I’ll probably remind y’all. But… yeah.]
By pushing a tiny bit of material from next week into this podcast, we got to discuss both of midseason’s craziest [awful] new shows in “Zero Hour” and “Cult.” We also discussed HBO’s weekend Beyonce doc and answered a few questions, including one that let us talk for a long time about the current season of “Scandal.” Oh and after taking a while off, we reinstated a favorite podcast segment: Why NBC Sucks Now.
Here’s today’s breakdown…
“Zero Hour” (00:01:10 – 00:13:40)
“Cult” (00:13:40 – 00:28:30)
“Beyonce: Life Is But a Dream” (00:28:30 – 00:36:25)
NBC’s return to suckage (00:36:25 – 00:53:50)
Listener Mail – The Rise of “Scandal” (00:55:05 – 01:11:30)
Listener Mail – Who gets to end shows? (01:11:30 – 01:18:20)
Listener Mail – post-Super Bowl “Elementary” (01:18:25 – 01:24:30)

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