Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 191

07.08.13 6 years ago 36 Comments

Happy Monday, Boys & Girls!
Lots to review in this week’s Firewall & Iceberg Podcast.
We’ve got FX’s new drama “The Bridge,” Netflix’s dramedy “Orange Is The New Black,” NBC’s very Australian “The Comedy” and the second season of HBO’s “The Newsroom.”
Will you be surprised by how much we now love “The Newsroom”? Listen to find out!
And we also talked about “The West Wing” in this week’s Summer Pilot Rewatch.
Next week’s Summer Pilot Rewatch, in honor of the Comic-Con panel celebrating its 20th anniversary, will be FOX’s “The X-Files.” 
Here’s today’s breakdown:
“The Bridge” (00:00:55 – 00:21:20)
“Camp” (00:21:20 – 00:35:25)
“Orange Is The New Black” (00:35:00 – 00:54:20)
“The Newsroom” (00:54:25 – 01:11:00)
Summer Pilot Rewatch: “The West Wing” (01:11:10 – 01:35:10)

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