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09.20.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

Happy Monday, Boys and Girls.
As promised, it’s time the second key piece of our Fall TV Premiere package on the Firewall & Iceberg Podcast.
Late week, we reviewed the new shows premiering on Monday and Tuesday nights. It’s a pretty big list. Today, in addition to our normal “Mad Men” coverage, we also talked briefly about at least eight or nine (I lost count) shows that are returning in the next seven days.
We recorded the podcast early today in case anybody wanted our early perspective on “How I Met Your Mother,” “House” and “Chuck” before watching Monday’s episodes. Then we also talked “Glee,” “Cougar Town,” “Community,” “Big Bang Theory,” “Fringe” and “Dexter.”
As I noted during the podcast, we don’t spoil anything major about any of the returning shows, but we *do* assume that any discussion of last season’s finales are fair play. I’ll repeat that warning here, specifically if you’re behind on “Dexter.”
Anyway, here’s this week’s breakdown:
“Chuck” — 02:00 – 07:40
“How I Met Your Mother” — 07:45 – 12:35
“House” — 12:35 – 17:05
“Glee” — 17:10 – 20:45
“Cougar Town” — 20:45 – 25:50
“Community” — 26:00 – 31:10
“Big Bang Theory” — 31:20 – 33:30
“Fringe” — 34:05 – 39:20
“Dexter” — 39:30 – 44:05
“Mad Men” — 45:15 – 01:03:00

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And here’s the podcast…

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