Listen: George Miller and Evan Glodell join us for a special Motion/Captured Podcast

This week’s Motion/Captured Podcast is one of my very favorites we’ve done so far, and I owe it all to the fickle nature of film releases.

When I saw “Bellflower” at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, one of the first things that made me fall in love with it was the way the film made subtle nods to George Miller’s amazing “Mad Max 2,” better known here in the US as “The Road Warrior.”  Now, I’ve got Evan on the podcast to talk about the home video release of his film, and it just happened to be the same week that Miller’s new film “Happy Feet Two” is arriving in theaters.

The way we handled the recording was by having Evan come out to the house on Sunday night to record the main body of the podcast, and then I talked to Miller by phone on Monday afternoon.  There’s a great deal of give and take between the segments, and I think it’s a really great conversation that unfolds as a result.

We’ve also got a call this week during our Movie God/Remake This! segment from Keven Van Den Brink, one of our regular callers now, and he’s once again calling in from the Occupy Nashville site, so we talk a little bit about how that’s going and how things have evolved since the last time we spoke to him.

I like doing things with a guest who sits in for the entire episode because it’s always great to get a new voice in the mix during the movie games, and Evan was good enough to play along.  If you didn’t see my interview with him from Sundance this year, it turns out that may have been the very first interview of any kind that he did, and it seems fitting that we’ve got him on the show to wrap things up now that “Bellflower” is finally arriving at home.

My conversation with Miller touches on “Happy Feet Two,” the way he has embraced new technology along with Spielberg and Zemeckis, the long development process of “Fury Road,” which is the next film in his “Mad Max” series, the casting of Tom Hardy in the iconic role, and more.  It’s a full half-hour with a legendary filmmaker, and I think it went very, very well.  And, yes, we even discuss “Bellflower” and the way the “Max” films were endlessly ripped off and homaged during the ’80s.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect this week as you listen:

Introduction / 00:00 – 2:20
Evan Glodell on “Bellflower,” part one / 2:20 – 12:45
This week’s movie news / 12:45 – 16:20
Evan Glodell on “Bellflower,” part two / 16:20 – 20:30
Movie God and Remake This! / 20:30 – 44:50
The road to “Fury Road” / 44:50 – 58:20
George Miller interview / 58:20 – 1:28:20
Wrapping it up / 1:28:20 – 1:38:31

We’ll be back next week with a conversation with Bret McKenzie, whose songs for “The Muppets” are one of the great pure joys of 2011.

As always, thanks for listening.  You can use the embed below, you can download directly here, or you can find the show on iTunes, and I’d love to have your feedback on iTunes, which will help other people find the show.