Listen: Indie songwriter Ernie Halter wins the Justin Bieber lottery

05.20.11 8 years ago 5 Comments

Ernie Halter may have just had the best week ever.

The singer-songwriter not only had his song “Come Home to Me” covered by none other than Justin Bieber, but then the teenaged heartthrob actually showed up at his tiny show in Orange County, Calif. last night (May 19) to duet with him on the song.

Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez apparently fly from Asia to attend the restaurant gig, the love song covered in the video below.

Halter is signed to indie Rock Ridge Music, distributed Warner-owned indie ADA. So hooray for the little guy?

Since all this occurred, it’s been nothing but a love-fest on Twitter between the two, with Halter Tweeting things like, “What Justin Bieber has just done for my music, is like what Usher had done for his. #dreambig,” and the 17-year-old encouraging, “And … @erniehalter Never Say Never aint no BS. Haha. Thanks again. Music is universal. #artistssupportartists.” I have to stop now, lest I get a cavity or throw up in my mouth.

Here is Halter’s original version, streaming on his site (smart). Here is Bieber’s.

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