Listen: Is this really Madonna’s new single, ‘Give Me All Your Love?’

A  supposed demo of Madonna”s new single, “Give Me All Your Love” showed up on the internet today. But the question remains whether it is a true version of the song or some red herring.
Madonna”s long-time rep is playing a little coy. When we asked her to comment or confirm this was indeed Madonna and the first single from her 2012 album, she answered “It sounds great. Can”t wait to hear the real version.” While that may sound like a denial, it may be or it may not be. It could simply be her way of letting us know that there”s even a better, final version coming down the pike. Madonna’s appearing at an event in New York on Nov. 12, and Billboard reports that she may be at a New York fashion show tonight as well, so the time is perfect to spring this track on us.

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All we know is the tune sure sounds like Madonna. Peppy is the first word that comes to mind upon listening to “Give Me All Your Love.”  The track, which is very redolent of ’80s Go-Gos or Bangles (and, of course, the obvious reference to Toni Basil’s “Mickey”), opens with a cheer squad chanting “L-U-V, Madonna.Y-O-U, You Wanna” before Madge comes in singing along to the spunky, bouncy beat. If she is indeed playing the Super Bowl halftime show, as is rumored (and again, not denied by her rep), this will bring down the house.

“Don”t play the stupid game because I”m a different kind of girl,” she warns the boy toy who threatens to mess with our Madge, and in a delightful little throwback, at one point, she references “Lucky Star.”

 After taking us back to the past, the song then catapults into the future with some spacy electronics before bringing in a jangly acoustic guitar. However, instead of sounding disjointed, it sounds great.

What do you think?

UPDATE: This morning we got confirmation from Madonna’s manager via Twitter that the demo was indeed leaked.  On a series of tweets, Guy Oseary said: “The plan was for the new music to come out in the new year…and yet someone leaked a demo version of the song yesterday..I’m very happy with the positive reaction to the demo, but we are very upset with whoever leaked the song!!!!”  Then he decided to add a little guilt in. “Madonna told me this morning ‘My true fans wouldn’t do this”…whoever is responsible for this leak,we ask that you please stop!…”

Oseary then answered a series of questions via twitter. The album still has no title and should be finished in the “next month or so.”  There are no details on her pending tour.