Listen: Justin Bieber hits the club with ‘All Around The World’

Today, Justin Bieber released “All Around The World,” a new track from “Believe,” his new album out June 19. It”s the third song we”ve gotten, following “Boyfriend” and “Die in Your Arms.”

While all three have been about love, they have all been strikingly different musically. “All Around The World,” which is, conveniently the title of Bieb”s upcoming NBC special, is a flat-out electro-pop dance track. “Boyfriend” started with its whisper intro before paying homage to Justin Timberlake, whereas “Die In Your Arms” recalled Michael Jackson and other soul icons.

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Here, Bieber is headed straight to the club. Sounding as if he may have David Guetta tucked away in their back pocket, Bieber surrounds lyrics that are both about a specific girl and also about the global need to be love with a relentless back beat.  “All around the world/people want to be loved/all around the world/they”re no different than us,” he sings in a heavily processed vocal. This one is all about the beat. It”s an infectious track, but it could be by anyone: Guetta, Chris Brown, LMFAO (with a strong female guest vocalist). There”s a certain genericness to it.

Ludacris, who appeared with Bieber on “Baby,” drops in for a quick rap, calling Bieber imperfectly perfect” and announcing the dynamic duo is back together again.

“All Around The World” is available on iTunes today. Next week, Bieber will release “As Long As You Love Me” featuring Big Sean.

What do you think of “All Around The World?”  Are you putting on your traveling shoes?