Listen: M.I.A. releases new ‘Bad Girls’ single in advance of Madonna video

01.30.12 7 years ago

M.I.A. is capping on her recent collaboration with Madonna for a little extra fame of her own. If I were her, I’d do the same too.

The talk-singing-rapping songwriter has revamped a “Vicki Leekz” mixtape track into “Bad Girls.” And what do bad girls do well? Live fast and die young, apparently. Gunshots included. (Via Pitchfork)

But what is it with the mix? Or rather, what’s with the lack of low ends today? I want this to be the banger it aspires to be, but there’s a lot of overpowering treble squibbles flopping between what should be bigger beats. As is M.I.A.’s M.O., she relies heavily on lyrical repetition so it’s always a joy to hear an actual, y’know, verse. Maya’s attitude remains fierce.

“Bad Girls” has now been dubbed the first single from M.I.A.’s forthcoming fourth full-length, out this summer.

Madonna tapped M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj for her current single “Give Me All Your Luvin'” and all three will star in the song’s accompanying music video, debuting on Friday (Feb. 3). M.I.A. will be releasing the music video for “Bad Girls” on the same day; the clip was helmed by Romain Gavras, the same director behind M.I.A.’s bloody “Born Free” vid. Stay tuned for that.

UPDATE: M.I.A. told BBC 1 today that she’ll be appearing with Madge during her Super Bowl halftime show, alongside Nicki Minaj.

What do you think of the song?

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