Listen: Mike Posner is back, with ‘Sex’

I hate this song. I love this song. It’s Mike Posner’s “Looks Like Sex.”

The urban/R&B/pop-dance singer is back with a slamming beat and a half-baked chorus that capitalizes on the word “sex.” Sometimes, no other vocabulary can supply you with the, erm, drive you need. It’s a one-liner at best, though — like nudge your buddy and a nod, and be like, “(S)he looks like sex,” and be done with it. It should have been reserved for a verse line, or at least, um, fleshed out in full during the refrain.

Posner has been trying hard with all his might to make it big in the mainstream for the last few years. He’s got the voice and, God help me, he looks like JT. “Bow Chika Wow Wow” was his next step closer. Do you think “Sex” can go all the way?

“Looks Like Sex” is up for sale on Dec. 6. It is from Posner’s next album, “Sky High,” which continues to follow his airplane-theme album titles. It will be out in 2012.

Mike Posner – Looks Like Sex by mikeposner

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