Listen: New Coldplay song ‘Don Quixote’

03.12.10 9 years ago

Coldplay pulled back the curtain on at least one new song, “Don Quixote,” at a show recently in Buenos Aires, declaring it was inspired by the band’s adventures in touring whenever they visit Latin America.

The clip below was recorded live, in surprisingly good quality, even with the crowd noise. And while the “oles” get a bit tiresome toward the end, it ends up being a pretty upbeat, complete and exciting foray, at least from these self-declared “soft rockers.”

There is, of course, an acoustic breakdown, the four-on-the-floor kick thump a la “Viva La Vida or Death and All of His Friends,” and a cycling, high-end riff that will stick to the sides of your brain for the remainder of the weekend.

“We felt like it would be good for us if we had a special song that celebrated how much we think of the Latin American audiences,” frontman Chris Martin told his audience. He didn’t mention if the track was for the British band’s new album, due at the end of the year… or not depending on who you ask. But if we were fledgling major label EMI, home to Coldplay, and got this song in our inbox, we’d put a ring on it. And a sticker price and a clever cover image.

Coldplay, somewhat unsurprisingly, is still supporting mega-hit album “Viva La Vida” on the road, finishing up this tour tonight in Monterrey, Mexico. Ole, Coldplay.

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