Listen: New MGMT single ‘Flash Delirium’ from forthcoming album

03.09.10 9 years ago

MGMT has unveiled the first single from its forthcoming sophomore set “Congratulations” and — in words that most elementary school art teachers must mutter to themselves — there’s a lot going on there.

“Flash Delirium” clocks in under five minutes, but with the number of movements, motifs and style occurring, it feels like a psych jam worthy of 10.

Download the track at the band’s new website; stream it below.

Whereas the group’s previous hits “Time to Pretend” and “Kids” let the low end on synths drive those songs, this track lets the electric bass and live drums ultimately take the reigns at mid-tempo: more head-bopping than hip-shaking. Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser’s vocals are as rubbery and histrionic as ever, leading rounds, Beach Boysian harmony rivalry and, utlimately, a climactic freak-out in the last 20 seconds. 

I’ve listened to the track about 10 times now, too, and still have no idea what it’s about, though I like this lyric to part with: “Dance until the heart explodes/ and we”ll make this place ignite.”

Oh, and there’s a flute non-solo that meanders into the ceremony like a child lost in a park.

This likely won’t dominate living room dance parties or the floors off the Lorimer stop in Brooklyn like select tracks from “Oracular Spectacular” did 2008-2009, nor can I imagine anyone feeling particularly inspired to make the remix. But it is a lot to think about and seems to be an imaginative direction for the band as its “Congratulations” drops on April 13. I just wouldn’t mind to hear more of that Lady GaGa influence.

MGMT is playing Coachella, Bamboozle and Sasquatch! music festivals this summer, with a North American tour in the works and an overseas stint already skedded.

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