Listen: Nicki Minaj’s ‘Starships’ is headed straight into the stratosphere

Oh Nicki, all is forgiven. After we had to scrub our eyeballs following your truly  bizarre (and not in a good way) performance of “Roman Holiday” on Sunday night”s Grammys, you”ve now given us the perfect anecdote: a club-ready smash that is also destined for the top of the pop charts. It’s good enough to even get the Catholic Church off your back after the other night… well maybe not.

“Starships” is an instantly catchy tune that combines rapping, singing, pop, electro-clash and only enough auto-tuning to still sound like it was recorded by a human. It”s put together as if constructed in Dr. Frankenstein”s lab, but, by God, it works. It”s as if LMFAO, Taio Cruz, and Minaj had a baby and this is what popped out.

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The RedOne-produced song opens with Minaj rapping that “bitches like me are hard to come by,” as she manages to get in plugs for both Bud Lite and Patron.  Then she sings a verse before going into the catchy chorus “Starships were meant to fly, hands up and touch the sky.”  Then the LMFAO-like  electro-pop breakdown come in, which we all now know is the universal sign to go crazy on the dance floor.

Back to the rapping and singing: she can”t pay her rent, but she couldn”t sound more happy about all of it.  And so are we. The song is completely mindless, and that’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, we like it.

It doesn”t have the originality of “Super Bass,” but “Starships”possesses an immediate earworm in the chorus and the dance vibe makes it impossible to stay in your seat.

My prediction? This is going straight to No. 1 on several charts and will save “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” after the Grammy debacle and the so-so reception to “Stupid Hoe.”

We”re positively giddy about it. What do you think?

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