Listen: One Direction loves you despite your flaws on new song ‘Little Things’

Call it “What Makes Your Beautiful, Part 2.”

One Direction”s new track, “Little Things” catalogs, in great detail, all the things some girls/women hate about themselves: from her crinkles by her eyes and her stomach and her thighs to her weight and the fact that  “you still have to squeeze into your jeans.”  Thanks for noticing.

Hey girl, guess what? You may not like them, but it”s all those “Little Things” that make your man love you and makes you think you”re beautiful…or at least if your man is in One Direction. The only thing they leave out is cankles.

The stripped-down ballad, co-written by Ed Sheeran, is on 1D”s new album, “Take Me Home,” out Nov. 13.  Yeah, it”s sweet, but, you know what, dude? We don”t need for you to point out that it”s those things that make you love us. We just want you to pretend they don”t exist and that you don”t see them. Now all you”ve done is make us more self-conscious. Just like how your bald spot and your hairy back are two of the little things that make you all the more lovable to us. Now hand over the remote and leave me alone.

Seriously, while a lyric video has been posted for “Little Things,” it hasn”t been confirmed as a second single from “Take Me Home,” following “Live While We”re Young.” “Young” peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, driven largely by digital sales as opposed to radio play. This week it tumbles 10 spots to No. 31.