Listen: Pink’s new single ‘Raise Your Glass’

10.05.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

Why does everything sound like me to Katy Perry these days?  Pink”s new “Raise Your Glass,” one of two new cuts on her forthcoming greatest hits, echoes the bouncy chorus of “California Gurls.”

With impossibly stupid lyrics like “What”s the dealio” and Don”t be fancy/Just get dancy” and “Don”t be fizzy/just get dizzy” and “If you”re too school for cool” (no, we didn”t mistype that), “Raise Your Glass”  may feature some of the worst lyrics we”ve ever heard… and we know that”s saying a lot.

Guess what. We don”t care.

All my criticisms aside, it”s nearly impossible to hear the song and not want to pogo around your apartment, dorm room or office. So we”re forgetting about the verses (which is scary easy, as it turns out) and just focusing on the chorus…and trying to figure out how to type as we dance and raise our glass.

Produced by long-time Pink collaborator Max Martin and co-written by Pink (I”m not so sure I”d be proud of that),  the song stands in the Party Pink vein of such songs as “Get the Party Started” and “So What” as opposed to her more serious side, exhibited in such songs as “Sober” or “Don”t Let Me Get Me.” Move over Ke$ha. Your 15 minutes are up. Pink is back to grab the tacky title.

Listen for yourself here, you dirty little freaks (Pink’s words, not ours)  and let us know what you think. Other than wishing it were Friday already and you were somewhere dancing to this.


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