Listen: Sade’s new ‘Still in Love With You’ from her ‘Ultimate Collection’

Sade fans got a fix last year when she released “Soldier of Love,” her first album of new material in 10 years  to great commercial and critical acclaim, but there”s more where that came from.  On May 3,  “The Ultimate Collection,” a two-disc, 29-song set comes out.  The first disc is basically a retread of “The Best of Sade” with two additional tracks, but the second disc includes eight songs not on the “Best of,” as well as four never release tunes, including the one we have below for you, “Still In Love With You.” There”s also a remix of “The Moon and the Sky” featuring Jay Z.

We don”t know the back story behind the largely-acoustic “Still in Love With You,” if it was meant for “Soldier Of Love” and didn”t make the cut or if it was recorded ages okay, but we do know it”s gorgeous as things dropped from Sade”s musical womb usually are. However, we have one big complaint (and we know this a lot of people”s issue with Sade), she is singing about getting her heart trampled on and she sounds about as emotional as if she were reciting her grocery list. (Reader Kevin below just informed us that this is a cover of a Thin Lizzy song.)

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The song opens with “I think I”ll fall to pieces if I don”t find something else to do/This sadness never ceases, oh, I”m still in love with you,” which makes you think it”s about time to reach for the bottle of pills or razor blades, but Sade seems to have no emotional connection with the lyrics.  It”s Sade”s coolness that draws so many of us to her, but here, she”s way too languid for her own good. Still, I love the feel of the song.

Sade starts a world tour April 29 in Nice, France, landing stateside  in June with opener John Legend. For a full set of dates, go to http://www.sade.com. Check out “Still in Love With You” below.