Listen: The directors of ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ join the podcast from Austin

September was a blur.

By the end, I felt like I had stayed on a Tilt-A-Whirl too long and my equilibrium was shot, but I loved it all.  Toronto was great, and I published two big podcasts about Toronto just before I left town to head to Austin.  Now, I’m finally on the other side of the wonderful Fantastic Fest, and I’ve come back with one less interview than I expected.

I’ll explain in the actual podcast, but the short version is my computer just plain didn’t record something.  And as a result, it doesn’t exist.  And so in this week’s podcast, I discuss the interview that didn’t record with Scott and try to relate some of the highlights as best I can.  It’s a disappointment for me, but hopefully I convey some of the flavor of what it’s like to chat with make-up legend Rick Baker for a half-hour.

We cover a fair amount of ground this week.  I’ve got FEARnet’s lead critic Scott Weinberg on to discuss “The Human Centipede 2,” I sit down with the directors and star of “Paranormal Activity 3,” and we go through many of the highlights of Fantastic Fest this year.

We also took some more calls from listeners after putting out the word on Twitter, and I’m really enjoying this new feature of the podcast.  One word of advice for those of you who are thinking of calling in, and I strongly encourage you to do so… please think of your challenge to us ahead of time.  The point of Movie God is to torture the person you put on the spot, and the same is true of Remake This!  You’re looking to inflict a little pain on whatever movie lover you’re playing with.  The more specific you make the game, the more it’s going to hurt.

Overall, it’s a bit shaggy this week, but still fun, and here’s a breakdown of everything you can expect to hear:

Introduction:  00:00 – 03:30
Fantastic Fest memories:  03:30 – 14:00
“Human Centipede 2” conversation with Scott Weinberg:  14:00 – 33:10
More Fantastic Fest memories:  33:10 – 34:40
“Paranormal Activity 3” conversation with Ariel Schulman, Henry Joost, and Katie Featherston:  34:40 – 56:30
More Fantastic Fest memories, including the lost Rick Baker interview:  56:30 – 1:13:25
“Moriarty” by Kim Newman is awesome:  1:13:25 – 1:17:00
Some thoughts on “Empire” and the kids and the “Real Steel” premiere:  1:17:00 – 1:24:40
Wrapping it up, part one:  1:24:40 – 1:25:50
Call-in games with listeners:  1:25:50 – 1:48:25
Wrapping it up, part two:  1:48:25 – 1:49:38

I’d like to thank our callers, Keven (@KevenVDB), Lee (@LeeZachariah), and Justin (@JustinQuizon).  I’d like to thank Scott Swan.  And most of all, I’d like to thank you guys for listening, as always.  You can hear the podcast embedded below, you can download it here, or you can get it from iTunes, and if you like what you hear, please leave us a review and rate the show on iTunes so more people learn about it.

We’re back on our regular schedule now for the rest of the year, and we should have some fun stuff ahead, including more “Star Wars” podcasts, some special guests, a Halloween episode, and much more.

And finally, if you can tell me why I chose the music cues at the beginning and end of this podcast and both of the Toronto podcasts and tell me what they’re from, I’ve got special Fantastic Fest related prizes for you.  The first person to weigh in with the right answer in this comments section is the winner, and I’m curious to see if anyone gets it right.