Listen: The Motion/Captured Podcast kicks off season two with special guest Michel Gondry

Well, we made it through our first calendar year of podcasting, and now we’re kicking off what we’re going to call Season Two, and we’ll be making some minor format adjustments as we go.

Nothing radical, mind you.  I’m hearing a lot of feedback about the podcast these days and it really doesn’t seem to me like anything’s “broken.”  That’s not to say I’m satisfied with the podcast, because I’m not.  It’s just that we’re doing it at a certain level of “well” right now, and I want to turn that up.

It helps having Scott Swan here with me most weeks.  When I’m on the road at Sundance, I’ll be recording a special podcast up there for you, and I’ll also be expanding the roster of guests here.  This week, for example, we did a special interview with Michel Gondry exclusively for the podcast.  This is the only place you’re going to hear this on the entire site.

We’ve put a new piece of music on the front of the show, too.  Curious if anyone can tell me what it is.  I’ll run a quick breakdown of what appears at what point on the show, and I hope you’ll listen and send in your letters for us to read on the next show, something we explain late in the episode.

00:00 – 02:45 / Introduction

02:45 – 11:30 / Movie God (two rounds)

11:30 – 32:00 / On My Mind (“Star Wars” on Blu-ray, “The Hobbit” and “James Bond,” ‘Ghostbusters III”

32:00 – 57:40 / On The Shelf (this week’s new releases on Blu-ray and DVD, as well as Netflix Instant)

57:40 – 58:30 / On Your Mind (where we’re going to start reading your e-mails and answering your questions)

58:30 – 1:02:00 / On The Screen (what’s new in movie theaters this year)

1:02:00 – 1:21:00 / Interview: Michel Gondry, director of “The Green Hornet”

1:21:00 – 1:24:11 / Wrap-Up (featuring “I Dare You,” a new game with Scott Swan)

Thanks for being with us for the first year, and I hope to reward you this year with a better show every single week.  Hopefully I set the bar high this week, and even more, I hope I live up to that as the season unfolds.