Listen to Beyonce’s new song ‘Rise Up’ from animated film ‘Epic’

“Be who you are.”

But what if who I am is a resources-sucking, Earth-destroying consumerist monster?

“Be good and help the world.”

Sigh. You are so right, Beyonce.

Beyonce sings out for the “little woman” of new animated feature film “Epic” in serious-minded pop song “Rise Up.” The track — which leaked a couple weeks ago — is now officially out and fightin’, opening with the guitars based nostalgia that rings like Switchfoot’s “Dare You to Move” and then moves straight into power ballad territory with Hit-Boy’s heavy beat. Great vocal performance, but a middling tune.

Mrs. Carter is also one of the featured voice-actors in the film “Epic,” so maybe she can work on her “O” in EGOT in more than one way from this gig.