Listen to Eve rap on Eve in ‘Eve’

Eve is back, with “Eve.” It’s a feel good, trumpeting “hello, how you doin’,” a kind a tune we hope the Eve raps to herself as Eve goes about her day. “Eve” as Eve brushes her teeth. “Eve” as she makes breakfast. “Eve” as she checks Eve’s email.

The MC builds back up her good name in the new song, which features reggae hues from Miss Kitty. Rolling Stone bowed the new song in advance of her next album, “Lip Lock,” out on May 14. “Lip Lock” will be her first album since 2002’s “Eve-Olution.” She’s also already released promotional single “She Bad Bad” in October, then leading single “Make It Out This Town” featuring Gabe Saporta.

Listen to the song “Eve” at Rolling Stone.