‘Little Couple’ exclusive clip: Will’s having fun, but Jen is worried

03.10.14 5 years ago 2 Comments

You probably hoped that a trip to India to adopt a baby sister for Will would have been nothing but fun for Bill and Jen. It's certainly fun for Will, who thinks the nonstop wall of traffic is actually AWESOME. It helps to be a little kid. In this exclusive clip, Will determines that India is the next best thing to Disneyworld (and possibly better) because there are not only cars, but elephants! Just wandering around! It's crazy!

Alas, we know this trip has moments of great joy, but also great pain. As Bill and Jen get used to baby Zoey, Jen realizes she's feeling sick — and as a doctor, she knows when a problem should not be ignored. Ultimately, she has to make a tough decision to either stay and continue bonding with baby Zoey or go home and get medical treatment. 

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