Live blogging Marvel Televison’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ and ‘Agent Carter at SDCC

07.10.15 3 years ago

SAN DIEGO – It's time for Marvel television everyone. Quick heads up, don't expect anything about Marvel's Netflix series or the secret project John Ridley is still attached too. That being said, if you love “Agents of SHIELD” or “Agent Carter” this panel recap is for you!

3:03 PM – Jeph Loeb comes out in Hayley Atwell's Agent Carter hat. Hayley makes an early appearance and asks “What are you doing?” snags the hat back and walks back off stage.

3:10 PM – Loeb announces that music from both “Agents of SHIELD” and “Agent Carter's” music will be released this fall.

“Agent Carter” show runners Chris Dingess, Tara butters, Michelle Fazekas come out and banter!  And then here comes James D'Arcy who gets a huge cheer which is great cause it's his first Comic-Con.  Atwell then returns to the stage.  Loeb lets everyone know that Kevin Feige couldn't be here because they are making “Captain America: Civil War” and makes sure everyone know Marvel Studios still co-produces “Carter.”

3:13 PM – Loeb asks what they think of the reaction to the show.  Fazekas says last year, “I remember telling Haley you'll never be able to do this again.” “It's so cool to see all the cosplay I've seen of her.”  Butters says she loves the fan art and “the expression” they've shown loving the show.  Both producers say it's the best show they've ever had and Atwell chimes in saying “Me too!”

3:15 PM – D'Arcy was slightly worried because in the script he was originally given Jarvis is making a souffle and “I can't actually make a souffle and I was worried I would be required.  My apprehension revolved around souffle making. I can do a perfect spotted dick, that's an English pudding, but I'm not so good at the souffle and we had a complex conversation and then explained what acting is.  What really sold it to me was when [the producers] said 'He's going to be with her on the missions.' And I said, 'Oh, there's going to be a lot of fighting.' And they went, 'Well! Hayley will be doing a lot of fighting.'” (Laughs.) “I had never had an opportunity to do anything comedic before, but it turns out I just had to be my usual wally of a self.”

3:20 PM – Why did Atwell agree to make the TV series?  “I think first of all the quality of the writing. We've seen aspects of Peggy in the 'First Avenger'…but here she was funny, sexy and vulnerable and all these aspects I really enjoy playing. I'd also known the Marvel team for five years and loved them dearly. She's quite fearless and when I have moments of doubting what I”m doing, she wouldn't.” “It's changed my life.”

Atwell on her reaction to reading the script, “! really hoped that the writers would get her right. I read the script for the first time and I think I cam out and went, 'Oh, she's amazing!' It's all on the page and you just have to show up and do the lines. The work is done for you.”

Fan question time!

3:22 PM –  Fan asks if Peggy did the right thing throwing the Captain America super serum away at the end of the season.  “I do think it was absolutely the right decision. She'd been holding on to him and grieving him. IT was her way of letting him go. I think she was concerned if it got in the wrong hands that someone would have used that power and keeping him alive in the memory she has of him [was better].”  Loeb reveals that scene was actually shot on the real Brooklyn Bridge but with some ILM magic to make it look period.

3:25 PM – What is Atwell's favorite line from the season?  Atwell says, “Everyone knows the line that defined Peggy and has touched people, 'I know my value and anyone else's opinion doesn't matter.'” She continues, “It's been amazing going to conventions and having young girls and boys go, 'I know my value too!'” Atwell continues, “At the same time there is that wonderful scene where Jarvis says 'You can't run away from people who want to help you.'  I think he has some pretty fabulous lines too.”

3:27 PM – Loeb and producers talk about how season two takes place in 1947 and it's two months after season one ended. Things are different. Not everyone from the show is in NY anymore. Some people are not talking to each other and Peggy will get called to LA to help investigate a murder.  1947 is the same year of the Black Dahlia murder. That film noir style and story will fuel the season.  Jarvis is actually already in LA and helping Howard Stark set up his new estate in Hollywood and, as a hobby, “Will be opening a movie studio.”  D'Arcy asks, “Do I get to meet my wife?” Yes!

3:27 PM – Fan asks about shooting in LA and if Peggy's romantic life will rebound in season two? Fazekas says if they can do it they will shoot in real locations in LA.  She says no plans for actual historic figures and that Peggy has put Steve's memory to “rest” and has a couple of new romantic opportunities. She jokes, “She's a whore.” (That was a joke.)  Loeb is rattled by that and, thankfully for him, it's time to end this part of the panel and segue to “Agents of SHIELD.”

3:36 PM – Recap of last season of “Agent of SHIELD” ends with the tagline “this season everything will change” and “Change” will be red.

Loeb comes back out on stage with Coulson's “new” fake hand.  Clark Gregg shakes his head and makes him give it back to him.

Loeb then introduces the “new” kids.Luke Mitchell (Lincoln), Henry Simmons (Mack), Nick Blood (Lance Hunter) and Adrianne Palicki (Bobbi Morse).

Loeb then wastes a lot of time introducing the rest of the cast (eke) on hand including Iain De Caestecker (Leo Fitz), Elizabeth Henstridge (Jemma Simmons), Ming-Na Wen (Melinda May), Brett Dalton (Grant Ward), Chloe Bennett (Daisy Johnson) and then, again, Agent Coulson (Gregg)

(If anyone is paying attention at hone, Ming-Wa got the loudest cheers. Really.)

3:44 PM – Loeb says the producers are not here because they are deep in production back in LA (might also be no room for them on the panel).

Mitchell says it was “bloody scary” to join the show. Also, if you didn't know he has an Australian accent (had no idea!).  He then switches to his American accent which so good and a funny contrast.

3:48 PM – Turns out Blood was hired two days before he was supposed to shoot. Went from one project directly to another.  He didn't even get a shower after getting off the plane, “The next thing I knew I was upside down in an SUV with Xena Warrior Princess.”

Comic book fan Palicki says, “there was a lot of pressure coming in. Everyone has been really awesome and everyone has been warm and inviting. These guys especially. You're like family.” (The cast)

3:50 PM – It's official “Agents of SHIELD” bloopers are funnier than “Walking Dead” bloopers.

3:52 PM – Fan asks each cast member to say the first impression of each person to their immediate right. “I loved Chloe from the moment I met her,” Gregg.  Loeb then un-complicates the exercise by asking individual panel members to reflect upon each other (sort of).  Elizabeth says she thought both she and Ian were emotional wrecks.   Ming-Wa on Brett who were fun buddies in season one, “It was out of necessity. He was there.  We were stuck on a bus for months on end. He was flexing is muscles all the time and I had to help him flex.” (Insert the appropriate laughs).

3:57 PM – When the subject of Ward being a bad guy comes up, someone yells “Hail Hydra!” in the front row and Gregg stands up out of his seat.

Bennet on finding out Ward was a bad guy?  She was reading the script with other cast members and immediately went, in shock, “I kissed him!” She was then going to say to the audience, “I [slept] with him!” but Dalton, to her right, stops her as the crowd roars in laughter.

4:02 PM – An 8-year-old girl asks if they have space for an 8-year-old agent. Yes, typical Comic-Con adorableness. Gregg replies, “What we're most proud of it at SHIELD is that anyone can run SHIELD and we have a number of very strong women who might be running SHIELD at some point.  Just from the few moments we've spent with you today I think, someday, you could run SHIELD. “

And then adds, “As long as you stay away from Ward.”

Fan who appears to be a medical professional dealing with brain injuries compliments Iain for his portrayal of Fitz's brain trauma.  He tries to give credit to the writers, but Elizabeth says he's being humble and that he did a ton of credit.

Two fans cosplaying Agent May and Agent Daisy Johnson get a big roar from the crowd.

Fan asks if we can see something from season 3, but they haven't started shooting.  Loeb says if we could sneak into the writers room and see what they are up to…

…and surprise, a video starts playing that features producers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen brainstorming.  What we learned…Daisy will be known as Quake. The cool new plane for the team will be called the Zephyr One.  Daisy and Coulson's new super team will be called the Secret Warriors (previously revealed).  Then, guess who joins them in the room? Antoine Triplett whose character died halfway through the season.  He crashes on the couch as Jed and Marissa ask, “Who should we bring back?”  End of the video!

Loeb then lets everyone know Lash from the “Inhuman” comic book is coming to the show.
But wait! Elizabeth is concerned  because you could easily see on the white board in the writer's room that the words “Already very dead” were listed next to her character. In fact, the entire cast wants to know what that means. Is Elizabeth's character really dead? Say it isn't so! Loeb won't answer and leaves us on a cliffhanger!

That's all everybody! 

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