Loki fans petition Marvel for a solo film for the god of mischief

and 09.12.13 6 years ago

(CBR) Tom Hiddleston makes his next appearance as Loki in “Thor: The Dark World”. After that? Who knows. The Asgardian won”t appear in “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”, based on information revealed by director Joss Whedon and Hiddleston himself. There”s no news of a third “Thor” film, either, leaving many to wonder where the fan-favorite villain will pop up next – if anywhere at all.

But Hiddleston”s massive fanbase won”t let Loki go without a fight. A movement called “Free Loki” has launched in the form of a Change.org petition that “respectfully yet strongly request[s] Marvel put into action a full-length feature film” about the god of mischief.

From the petition:

“We feel Loki (as portrayed by Tom Hiddleston), due to the astounding following both the character and actor have earned as a result of the Marvel films, more than warrants further exploration of his story. We believe such an endeavor would not only be profitable and successful but provide a larger view for general audiences of the incredibly complex and diverse personality a well-known villain of the Marvel universe is gifted with. To explore this darker side of the Thor storyline would be to give credit to a compelling individual, his remarkable portrayer and an appreciative audience that feels a fierce loyalty to both in an unprecedented way.”

As of this writing, more than 20,000 fans have signed.

There”s no telling what Marvel”s Phase Three plans are just yet beyond Ant-Man and an inevitable third “Avengers” movie, but perhaps this latest movement is just the thing Kevin Feige and friends need to bend the knee to Loki”s army.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

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