Look: Disney princesses swap costumes with the boys, are liberated

It may have taken more than half a century to achieve, but Disney’s princesses (or some of them, anyway) have finally been liberated from the constraints of their poofy, impractical dresses, corsets and crop-tops thanks to Japanese artist Haruki Godo, who has performed a feat of great consequence by creating drawings of Aurora, Belle, Tiana, Rapunzel and even Ariel (whose monofin was apparently no obstacle to pants) in the attire of their male on-screen counterparts. Sadly, neither Snow White nor Cinderella have yet been subjected to the emancipating strokes of Godo’s pen, and as a result both remain bitterly enslaved in the stifling prison of the traditional patriarchal power structure.

[via Mashable]

“The Little Mermaid’s” Ariel

Feminist anthem: “A Whole New World”

“Sleeping Beauty’s” Aurora

Feminist anthem: “Once Upon a Dream”

“Beauty and the Beast’s” Belle

Feminist anthem: “Transformation”

“The Princess and the Frog’s” Tiana

Feminist anthem: “Almost There”

“Tangled’s” Rapunzel

Faminist anthem: “I See the Light”

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