Look, Iron Man’s got a new friend as Paramount unveils the sequel’s teaser poster

12.01.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

Paramount Pictures

I probably still owe Harry’s wife and everyone else sitting near me some apologies for the noises I made when we saw the “Iron Man 2” clips package at Comic-Con this summer.  She was sitting next to me, and for a moment, she must have thought Taylor Lautner had taken his shirt off somewhere.  But no… that was just the sound of a lunatic comic book nerd seeing images onscreen that he honestly never expected to see.

I love this modern era of comic book movie making.  I love that we’re seeing things on a regular basis now that were unthinkable 20 years ago.  The fantastic has become routine, and while some fans may be getting cynical about that, I’m not.  I am thankful that my sons are going to grow up with these movies, and that I have lived long enough to see the icons of my childhood treated this well.  Tonight, as Toshi was going to be, he had some of his Marvel Superhero Squad figures with him, and he kept calling one of them “Iron Man.”

“No, Iron Man’s the one in red and yellow, Toshi.  That’s his buddy.  That’s War Machine.”

“War Machine?  You’re crazy!”  So I told him about Rhodey (played in the sequel by Don Cheadle) and the back-up armor and War Machine, and Toshi flipped out.  He was excited enough to be living in a world with one Iron Man… but a world with two?

Paramount premiered the poster online yesterday, and today we’ve got it for you as well.  It’s simple, direct, and promises some serious ass-kicking when the film hits theaters: 


I guess we’re done with 2009, essentially, if we’re starting to kick off the big 2010 campaigns already, and since I’m a junkie for this stuff, I’m happy to start looking ahead. 

As the poster says, you’ll get a look at “Iron Man 2” on May 7th. 

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