Look: Lady Gaga reveals album cover for ‘Born This Way’

Half woman/half bike: Looks like Lady Gaga was born this way. The superstar unveiled the the album cover of her 5/23 album “Born This Way,” this morning via Twitter. The photo is black and white other than LG”s blood-red lips. Her facial and shoulder horns, that she swears are real, are covered by her blonde hair extensions.

She may have her horns, but she would appear to have lost her hands, which have been replaced by the front wheel of the chrome bike. How will she play the piano now?  In other Lady Gaga news, her new single, “Judas,” came out yesterday and may debut at No. 1.

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Her torso and legs have been supplanted by lots of shiny, shiny chrome. We”re sure there are layers and layers and layers of meaning behind the cover and feel free to spout your own theories below. For us, we”re going back to our weekend.

What do you think of the cover? Does it make you go “vroom?”