‘Luke Cage’ Announces Its New Vigilante And Villain For Season Two

Luke Cage was a tremendous hit for Netflix, and a second season was inevitable even before it was announced. Marvel has just revealed some casting news that gives a few clues to the second season, one a potential new hero and one a villain who’s probably going to stick to his given name.

First up, the new hero, or vigilante at least, is Gabrielle Dennis’ Tilda Johnson, who’s better known to Marvel fans as anti-hero/villain Nightshade and currently carrying the mantle of Nighthawk. Johnson’s a genius who’s carefully disguised her intellect and uses it to various end throughout the course of the comics, but Marvel has steadily inched her closer to Punisher territory. She’s not necessarily a full-on hero, but she does generally try to err on the side of justice. She’ll likely make a good contrast to former lawman Luke.

Meanwhile, Mustafa Shakir (The Night Of)is taking the role of John McIver, described by Marvel as “a natural leader, brimming with charisma, whose mission is focused on Harlem and vengeance.” Notably missing from Marvel’s description is John McIver is the alias of a supervillain called Bushmaster. Yes, it continues the snake theme, but before you ask, he was created in the ’70s and Marvel really should have known what they were getting into with that particular name. It seems likely McIver will fall afoul of Alfre Woodard’s Mariah, who likely won’t welcome another snake-themed crime boss in her neighborhood. We’ll find out next year.

(via Marvel)