Macklemore and Fences get shot in in ‘Arrows’ video

Fences and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have released the very colorful video for the collaborative song “Arrows,” featuring the popular Grammy Award-winning MC getting shot.

As I mentioned in the writeup for the new single, Seattle-based Macklemore is obviously wrestling with the aftermath of his rapid rise in fame, following the runaway hits off of his and Lewis' album “The Heist.”

In the clip, he's seen making a plunge off of a high dive into a swimming pool, its surface brandishing the covers of Rolling Stone magazine which pimp his very visage. He's also presented as an animal in a roving zoo, with reporters clicking his photo and then leaving after he gets shot.

It's true, we kill the ones we love. Fame is fleeting. Be careful out there. Also, it's really rude to spy on undressed ladies in their apartment with binoculars, don't do it.

“Arrows” is off of Fences new album “Lesser Oceans,” out Oct. 14.