‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ comes to DVD in Black & White special edition

I loved Mad Max: Fury Road. It was unlike anything I”d ever seen, and when I drove home from the theater after the movie ended, all I wanted to do was listen to Judas Priest while speeding wildly down the freeway. Unfortunately, I live in Los Angeles, where you can never go faster than 10 mph.  So that never really happened.

Just when you think they couldn”t improve on the multi-Oscar winner, something comes along to make the post-apocalyptic hellscape just one louder. Producers have decided to issue the “Black & Chrome” edition, which turns the entire movie into black and white. It”s the film you never thought you needed, but now you probably can”t live without.

In a 2015 interview with /Film, the movie”s director George Miller explained how fond he was of the MM:FR b&w when he said, “Every time I saw the black and white I thought ‘Oh, my god!” It just reduces it to this really gutsy high-con black and white, very, very powerful.”

“Black & Chrome” goes on sale December 6. Copies of Judas Priest Painkiller not included.