‘Mad Men’ meet their ‘Game of Thrones’ match: Cersei, Betty, Tyrion, Roger, more

Like many true, noble Americans, I'll watch “Mad Men” to (inevitably) bitter end, and eagerly await the start of Season 5 of “Game of Thrones.”

And just as I'm sure you have, I've noticed a little character mirroring.

Send a raven, because sometimes these cherished and frequently crazy roles are a little too close, and we forget: Cersei never lived in the '70s. Roger Sterling would have made a terrible knight.

In the gallery below, Alan Sepinwall and I break down which roles have close similarities between the two shows.

And this is not to say Don Draper is so singular, but we had a tough time with him: who is the chief Sad Mad Man's closest counterpart on the HBO show?