UPDATE: Madonna’s ‘leaked’ 2012 tour schedule deemed a fake

10.13.11 8 years ago

As we reported previously, fansite drownedmadonna.com received a mysterious email from an “unconfirmed insider” at Live Nation yesterday with the pop star’s alleged 2012 concert tour itinerary attached. However, according to a recent Twitter message sent out by the official Australia/New Zealand office of the concert promoter, the document is a fake.

“As much as we would love it to be real the Madonna article going around is a hoax,” read the tweet from @LiveNationOzNz.

Apparenly that’s the company’s way of lamenting the fact that Madonna is not yet confirmed to perform in the region (as was shown in the faux-itinerary), which she skipped on her 2008/2009 “Sticky & Sweet” Tour due to financial reasons.

Stay tuned to HitFix for more Madonna tour news as it becomes available. And sorry to anyone Down Under who got their hopes up unnecessarily…

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