Make ’em an offer: Beverly Hills mansion from ‘The Godfather’ on sale

We at HitFix like to keep our readers aware as pieces of Hollywood memorabilia go up for sale. In the past we”ve let you know about things like Han Solo”s jacket and Marty McFly”s hoverboard. Even yesterday, we told you about the opportunity to drop $100k on the Batpod from The Dark Knight. Well, we”ve come up with the be-all and end-all of movie and TV history. But it might be a bit out of your range…unless you”re Bill Gates.

The mansion that housed Hollywood producer Jack Woltz in The Godfather (yeah, the same guy who ended up with the horse”s head in his bed) is up for sale. For a cool $195 million, you too could end up with the 50,000 square foot Beverly Hills mansion that features 30 bedrooms and 40 bathrooms. Oh and there are three swimming pools, two tennis courts and oodles of well-manicured grounds to run around on.

As if The Godfather history wasn”t enough to compel you to drop this absurd sum, the house was also used in The Bodyguard. The walls also have tales to tell that don”t involve Hollywood, as John and Jackie Kennedy had part of their honeymoon there. William Randolph Hearst also owned it at one time.

The estate is currently owned by real estate magnate Leonard Ross, who purchased it in 1976. Ross had previously attempted to sell it in 2007 for $165 million, but apparently he didn”t get an offer he couldn”t refuse.