‘Maleficent’ co-star Sam Riley and director Robert Stromberg discuss their Disney hit

After taking in over $24 million in its Friday (May 30) opening, “Maleficent” is well on its way to being an early summer success for Disney.

Two weeks ago, I sat down with several of the key “Maleficent” players to discuss their revisionist take on “Sleeping Beauty.”

Perhaps you may have already check out my chats with Shalto Copley and Elle Fanning.

Here are my last two interviews.

Above, “Control” and “On the Road” star Sam Riley talks about changing “Sleeping Beauty” raven Diablo into Diaval for “Maleficent” and the inspiration he was able to get both from a feathered friend and from co-star Angelina Jolie.

Below, Robert Stromberg talks about his shift from Oscar-winning production designer and visual effects ace to making his directing debut. Stromberg explains why he wasn't intimidated to start his directing with a film of this scale and the one thing Disney wouldn't let him change in the story.

Check out both interviews.

“Maleficent” is now in theaters.